Behind the
Success Of
Startup Studio


Mr Tirath Sharma


Having over 14+ years of experience in IT, He is the technical wizard who strategizes, manages, and executes the million-dollar ideas at StartupStudio. Tirath has overseen a number of successful projects including the OneAD platform which achieved valuations over $40 million with 35 million downloads. Contemporarily Tirath ensures the use of the most advanced & secured tech stack for developing projects at StartupStudio ensuring scalability and high market valuations.

Ravindra Kumar

Mr Ravindra Kumar

General Partner

Ravindra assists with the decisions and the overall strategy of the investment team. He has over 15 years of experience building and investing in dozens of startups and has successfully discovered and invested in "100x" companies all this while accelerating their growth.


Mr Aakash Yadav


An entrepreneur and investor since the age of 17 Aakash is the prime force behind the conception and operation of StartupStudio. His investment portfolio features multiple industries such as infrastructure, construction, healthcare, technology. A business graduate from Edinburgh Business School London Aakash is also an avid public speaker and philanthropist.


Mr Toure Mamoudou

Head of Africa

Mr Toure Mamoudou is a Commercial Negotiator & Investor.

Toure codes his first online gaming site at age 15, computer and technology lover from a young age with a keen interest in new and rapidly growing technologies.

He invests in Bitcoin very early in 2014, he is betting on the growth of this new crypto-currency destined to one day become the new standard for all future transactions of tomorrow. Very invested in Africa Toure helps African companies to sell their products abroad but also to source various equipment throughout the world.

Founder of a charity, he believes in and works for the development of the African continent, Pan African in the soul, he now puts his expertise in digital solutions at the service of Africa and the African Diaspora in the world. Ensure rapid growth thanks to the new High-Tech industries which will now allow each country, companies & entrepreneurs to see rapid growth in their projects.

With his vast experience in the digital world and his unique vision of international business, Toure continually seeks to improve the lives of entrepreneurs, solve central problems to accelerate and innovate in a climate adapted to each current need.

Evan & Toure we made the decision to team up to expand the opportunity to African and French-speaking entrepreneurs with great innovative ideas to invest in the best and help them make their ideas and vision a reality.

Startup Studio Online has already invested in several hundred entrepreneurial projects and ideas since their inception to bring them to life and help them achieve excellence in the digital world.


David Wang

Head of Strategy

David has consulted on various digital transformation projects for international top-tier clients and advised Fortune 500 CO senior executive's in developing and executing technology strategies that drive exceptional business value. Overall. he has unique cross-cultural business understanding and gained industry experiences in automotive. chemical. eCommerce. life science. logistics. insurance. reinsurance. public sector. and across startups.


Abhimanyu Agarwal

Risk Analyst

Having received all the prestigious scholarships during his life as a Student, Abhimanyu then went to work with the Gulf Bank in Kuwait as an expert in Risk Identification and Management. He adds value to the Startup Studio team by analysing the projects and founders for any possible investment risk which can later become a liability for the company.

Yusuf Berkan Altun

Yusuf Berkan Altun

Head of Europe

Being interested in technology his whole life, Yusuf combined his study with work and other commitments showing himself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. Looking to start a career, Yusuf began working in the IT industry as a intern and consultant. After his graduating, Yusuf started to work in a finance advisory company with operations and clients in Zurich, Dubai and London. Ready for a new challenge, Yusuf started his own startup in 2015 and sold it after 8 months. He had the chance to learn about business development in his young age and believes strongly in technology that makes him eager and determined to realize his goals.

Yusuf's story as entrepreneur and investor started to shape after his first exit. Yusuf started to invest in different mobile, web app and tech startups in Europe. He was recognized in the industry very quickly and partnered up with a global startup venture. He managed the venture with his partner for more than 3 years, during that time, Yusuf also advised and invested in several Swiss startups . Today, Yusuf is the founder of Inqube GmbH, a forward guiding consultancy based in Zurich. He is also the organiser of TechPark Investment Gala & Conference, which takes place annually during the World Economic Forum in Davos.