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I've been following Evan for years and decided to partner with him earlier in 2020. I have been absolutely blown away at the team Evan has put together to help entrepreneurs like me who were held back by technology challenges.
In this first year of working with Evan my sales are up over 200% and the team I get to work with day in and day out at Startup Studios is second to none. If you're thinking about partnering with Evan, do it! Evan and his team will transform your ideas into realties.

Grant Wise

Founder - Witly

Evan and I met back in 2016 and we began to build our great relationship. Later in 2019 I approached Evan and at that time my co-founder (Paul Rosa IV) and I brought Evan onto the GameForm team as an investor and technical partner. Evan and his team at Startup Studio have exceeded all expectations and have enabled our team to bring GameForm to market in under 10 months. In addition, Evan has provided many excellent introductions that have led to additional investors and advisors.

Evan is by far one of the most knowledgable, results driven and strategic thinkers that I have had the pleasure to work with. His competitive nature and his ability to listen first, quickly process information and then provide potential solutions is something that has particularly impressed me. I look forward to building an even stronger relationship and having Evan in our corner as we build GameForm into a company that serves over 100 million players worldwide each year.

Paul Rose & Frank Argentieri

Co-Founders - Gameform


II must say that it was the best decision partnering with Evan, his knowledge and skills are priceless to my startup, his team is as professional too. Startup Studio is truly your one-stop startup needs. As a founder of Doodeo, this is exactly what I needed in order to launch my startup and start growing it.

Rony Hage

Founder Doodeo

Where do I begin? The whole startup experience was a massive eye-opener. From start to end, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills. Startup Studios Incubator helped me make the right decisions and properly execute them and bring CardXE to Life. Evan personally also helped reframe my whole approach from focusing solely on my product to focusing on the problem faced by the whole market. No one cares about your product. People care about their problems. Now we know how CardXE solves problems! We needed to find technical partners able to translate a concept into a tangible solution, make use of the newest technology available and get the product to market fast. Startup Studio matched our needs and requirements and delivered a top product.

Startup Studio Incubator is an amazing resource for beginners and experts alike. I was looking for a way to connect with like-minded co-founders, mentors, and investors and was delighted to hear about their idea to IPO program. It is rare to find quality resources that don't require you to pay tons of cash and will work with you in long term partnerships on an equity basis. The level of support that we’ve received has been tremendous. In just a few weeks, we were able to turn our idea of CardXE into a business plan, prepare the market study, and the project plan for development. Evan helped us network with potential customers, connect with potential investors, and introduce us to mentors. I would highly recommend entrepreneurs to apply.

Partnering with Evan Luthra was the best business decision I have ever made, it helped transferring a Eureka moment from an idea into a fully developed tangible product, saving me countless hours of R&D and a heap of cash. I am confident CardXE will be a $100M+ company in under 3 years and is on track for the same.

Malcolm Mbafe

Founder CardXE

Some More Words From Partners

  • StartupStudio was a life changing experience. I came in with an idea and left with a real business. I had almost given up hope on NWO because of the complexity of the concept. But the expert team of StartupStudio under Evan’s vision delivered NWO faster and better than I could have even imagined.

    Prince Karim Abu Naba

    Founder Newo

  • As I came to Know Bottlepop was one of the first projects to be selected and funded by StartupStudio. Although from the point of onboarding to the final launch there was never a moment that I felt Bottlepop was in the hands of people who did not value it, in fact the team acted personally invested in the project. And I believe that is the only reason Bottlepop became a success.

    A D Singh

    Founder Bottlepop

  • Evan is passionate, connected and intelligent individual that undertakes his business, whether directly or via one of his companies, with immense professionalism and intent.

    Evan agreed to meet me in London at literally 3 hours notice to discuss my company proposal and as serial angel investor he agreed to discuss more and eventually invested resources into the project.

    Evan somehow manages to communicate in multiple languages and within short periods of reply, even though he runs multiple companies, has many friends, proposers and investors consistently requesting his time.

    From his experience, Evan always has a strategy, connection or mitigation plan to hand when required

    Matt Jordan

    Founder Pictium

  • I have been working with Evan for over 2 years on multiple projects.

    He has one of the most unique and impressive business minds that I have ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. Evan has the rare ability to see value in founders, concepts and ideas far before most angel investors.

    I look forward to working with Evan for years to come.

    Paul Rosa IV

    Founder Growth at Castle

  • Whooooaaa! Evan is a one of a kind person who’s legacy will surely go down in history Books.

    Worked with Evan on several projects and of them is called HYGH. Evan surely knows how to blow up the game of anything by speaking about those project to key figures in the industry.

    Evan always able to come up with creative out of the box solutions and is always ready to give helpful advises. His positive vibe of celebrating his life daily is very warming and make him a big socialite and kind of a star in the scene which makes him a super source of all kind of Strategic relationships. It’s Always good to work or connect with Evan.

    Matthias Mende

  • Evan is the person to call if you want to have a good time and change the world at once.

    He celebrates life yet always has his wits about him to plan the next project and execute incredibly.

    The faint of heart should proceed with caution

    Nicholas Duro

    Founder at Private Island Incorporated

  • I am the CEO of a foundation that provides for multiple nursing homes in Germany and faced some issues equipping all our carers with enough face masks due to the Corona pandemic and the therefore unusual high demand of face masks.

    Thanks to Harbour Health and Evan in particular I could secure enough masks to keep our employees safe.

    Thanks for your help to keep our employees and old people safe.

    I highly recommend working with Evan, since he is very helpful, trustable and easy contactable at any hour of day

    Jörg Falkowski

  • I have met Evan a year ago at a digital event, where he has been the star speaker. I was impressed by his knowledge of blockchain, his charismatic attitude and the way he supported and invested in multiple start-ups.

    Little did I know back then, that 2020 would challange us all in the way it does.

    My dad is the CEO of a german foundation that provides for multiple care facilities and old people's homes.

    In the beginning of the corona crisis his company faced big issues ensuring the safty of his employees and residents since it was nearly impossible to receive any masks, let alone a plethora of them.

    Thanks to Harbour Health and Even in particular, my dad was able to get thousands of masks shipped to Germany and can now ensure more safety for all the employees and old people living in the facilities and homes.

    We are extremely thankful for all the help we have received and all the lives that are a little bit less endangered because of Evan.

    I highly recommend working with him, since he is always lending a helping hand, listening carefully, easily reachabale and making everything as easy as possible for you.

    Vanessa Falkowski

    digital (and non digital) nomad

  • I have seen Evan speak at 10+ events around the world, and have also shared stage with him as a panellist before.

    Evan's charisma, coupled with his public speaking skills and knowledge of blockchain and technological innovation, never fails to captivate the audience.

    I'm extremely impressed with his accomplishments thus far, and I'm sure that he will achieve even greater success from all his current and future endeavours to come!.

    Herbert Sim

    Marketing & Branding Growth-Hacker

  • Evan is ridiculously knowledgeable and in his approach to solving problems is Flawless!

    I hold Evan in the highest realms where only the greats reside.

    An amazing future is ahead for this young dynamic entrepreneur.

    I wish him well on his journey to the stars.

    Russ Turner

  • Evan has a great talented eye for investments and technology.

    He isn´t afraid of stepping outside of the box leading him to more interesting deals than what most investors are able to attract.

    With strong marketing skills and and ability to work faster than most people Evan has a unique competitive advantage!

    Hanna Aase

    Founder of video-profiles / CEO Wonderloop

  • I'm happy to say that Evan has been a true asset to Access Geo Inc. in the development of our company and mobile platform.

    His ability to offer innovative design solutions, and manage complex projects has made him invaluable.

    Reaching out to Evan was a great decision in seeking to make a better product.

    Michael Hunte

    Community Operations at DFINITY

  • Evan is professional, patient and a seriously nice guy.

    He knows his stuff, helped me a lot and will be working with him more in the future!

    Thank you Evan!! Cindy

    Cindy Shtevi


  • Evan's wealth of experience in the tech world goes well beyond his years.

    He's professional, knowledgable, and creative when it comes to solving problems.

    Most importantly, his heart in in the right place.

    Through his work for Givvr he has shown how passionate he is about helping others.

    Malte Kramer

    Founder & CEO at Luxury Presence

  • Evan was always well abreast with the latest in the field of technology and liked to explore.futuristic gadgets and technologies with a lot of zeal.

    I wish him good luck in his ventures.

    Geetanjali Dewan

    Head ICT, IBDP Faculty of Computer Science and TOK at Pathways Noida

  • Met Evan on a trip to Europe 2013 and was pinned down by his knowledge and skills that such a young dynamic entrepreneur has.

    Worked with evan on few project and the experience has been quite worth mentioning.

    He has strong communication and marketing skills that can crack the toughest of work.

    Aman Nahata

    Director at VN POLYMERS PVT LTD

  • Met Evan at a Google event and gave him a challenge to prepare for a 10 min slot to talk about a particular technology and the app that he had developed and promised him that if he does a good job of presenting it the next day, i would give him a slot in my keynote speech.

    All i can say is Evan stole the show and audience were impressed and in awe of this young man.

    I wish him all the very best and am many more success in the future

    Sunil Rao

    Head of Strategy and Corporate Business Development at Amazon

  • Evan intuitively creates & implements beautiful & effective custom designs & puts client needs first!

    He developed an amazing site I'm consistently complemented on & was a pleasure to work with.

    Michelle Lynn

    Actor at SAG-AFTRA