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Startup Studio Incubator Fund has developed a tried and tested process over the last 8 years , made better every day through our experience of building and investing in 100+ technology companies. We are at the forefront of capitalizing on new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Mobile Apps, Virtual and Augmented Reality and many more.

Our Founder, Evan Luthra was one of the first 100 developers of mobile apps in the world, our team brings in a combined experience of over 1,000+ years of working and building on all kinds of technologies and programming languages. There is a reason why the combined value generated by our companies is in excess of $10 Billion USD and we have tens of millions of users across 5+ continents and 30+ countries.

Design and
Strategy Process

Startup Studio is “Design-led Engineering”

In our experience, choosing one designer and working with him or her over multiple revisions can take a long time and be a frustrating process. Firstly, you may not even like the designs. Secondly, changes etc. can end up taking almost a month or more to be completed.

When the designer is done you might still be left thinking:

“What if I had followed a complete different design style - maybe Realistic UX instead of Flat UX?”

Alternatively, you could hire 10 people and get 10 different designs. Or you could simply work with us.


With our collection of top level premium designers handpicked by us from around the World. Our process works more like a contest. Instead of connecting you with one designer, we ask you to describe your project in your design brief document, then we share the brief with our best designers (all under NDA) and work with all of them to deliver you 30-50+ different designs to choose from.

Instead of getting a single design as you would get from a normal creative agency, with us you would have 30 - 50 different premium designs from different design perspectives and different user experience strategies – all built according to your design vision.

Then we will send you the the designs, and work with you to select the 5 finalists. Then we will spend another week on a second round and the finalists would submit their finished work. You would then choose the winning designer and work with him to finish your prototype that you can display to potential partners and investors. In our experience when Investors see such a detailed process and effort, they have a lot more trust in you doing what it takes to make your company successful.

How many startups do you think pitch to investors with 30+ prototypes versus 1

Our designers are same people who have worked previously on Fortune 500 projects. Normally, they would never work together -- but when you work with the system we innovated, you have access to many "Best-In-Class" designers at once.

We have heard such great testimonials from our clients that we are very confident of our approach and the high quality work our designers deliver, but you can make your decision:

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Design Contest:

Mingyl App Icon Design

What can we build with you?


Our development process allows you to be completely hands off so you can use your important time to focus on the operations and marketing side of the business. Our Founder, Evan Luthra joins your startup as “CTO” and works with you personally every week to keep you updated of the progress of the build-out while you focus on closing the partnerships and getting us the sales we need to make a blockbuster exit.

Our team has designed and engineered hundreds of applications for some of the worlds leadings organizations. We have hundreds of dedicated employee’s with the expertise and passion for technology to make your vision a reality.

We follow a fast moving futuristic strategy. We understand the difference between breaking into markets and creating new ones. Strategy is the best investment your company can make for growth. As investors and partners in your startup , we help you develop the right strategy for growth by building viral loops into the product while helping you expand your boundaries with our team of strategy consultants.

From regular ISO9001 audits to QA input before we write your first line of code, we build quality into every aspect of your project. We safeguard your sensitive projects at every step, from separate, firewalled LANs to strict confidentiality agreements with all employees.

We understand that communication is key so our team operates on a 24/7/365 schedule always available in case emergencies come up and we keep all channels of communication open and use a plethora of tools such as Slack, Basecamp, email, whatsapp and more to keep you updated of the daily progress that we make. Remember our team is your team. We are partners in your success - and your failure.

From the worlds largest companies to leaders in emerging technology, our partners and clients inspire us every day. We are honored that they feel the same way about us. We have delivered compelling solutions for multi national corporations globally like Unilever, Dubai First Bank, Citigroup, Godiva Chocolates, Audi, Nielsen, Google and more in the past and today we focus 100% of our our time and money on working with emerging technology startups who share a similar vision like ours - to make the world a better place.