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Startup Studio is a division of EL Group that works to back startups who have a potential blockbuster product. For the right entrepreneur and idea, EL Group will engage in a partnership with the founding team.

Under this model, EL Group doesn't stop at just building amazing products, it helps build companies.


Product Development

Product Development

Award Winning Design
World Class Engineering
Innovative Approach
End to End Solution

Product Development

CTO - Evan Luthra

Global Network
Serial Entreprenuer and Speaker
Well Recognised Industry Professional Acredited Investor

Product Development

Monetary Assistance

$100,000 Google Cloud Credits
$25,000 Rackspace Credits
Assistance to Raise Capital
Corporate Sponsorships


To begin, the EL Group Startup Studios process, the founding team will participate in a $25,000 product consultation workshop with EL Group. The workshop will be complimentary and these funds will go towards the completed product.

Deep Dive of Concept

We start the Innovation workshop by having an in-depth look into your startup's concept. Our team of world class designers, engineers and business marketeers slice up your startups concept and give detailed feedback.

Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming Session

Using the Feedback our founder brainstorms with the founding team on enhancing the products concept. We finish this step with a blockbuster business plan in hand.

Decide Roadmap

We enter Step 3 of the workshop by arriving at a detailed plan of action that lays out the process of product development, Beta Testing, User Acquisition and Raising Venture Capital.

Final Evaluation

Once we have done a deep dive of your concept, brainstormed with the Founder and have set a roadmap to success we enter the final step to evaluate how EL Group and the Startup can work together.

The Evaluation

Accelerate Entrepreneurs and take them from Idea to IPO

El Group joins hands with the startup.

After the innovation workshop, its time to join hands together to take the IDEA to IPO. This depends on 3 factors

Cohesive team

The founding team and EL Group make a good fit as a team. This is critical to the product's success.

Co-Founder Equity

EL Group gets 20% Co-Founder equity in the startup in exchange for working at-cost and supporting every step of the business

Co-Investment in Technology

Set budget the founding team pays EL Group to run product development cycle and deliver complete product.

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